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Welcome to Urban Housekeeping

To facilitate consistency in service delivery for your continuous satisfaction, we only schedule bookings of a minimum of 3 hours for a Quick/Regular Cleaning service depending on the size of your home. Additional tasks usually prolong the service duration, to gain more insight on the subject you may refer to our standard Regular Cleaning Checklist which is available for example purposes only. Final specifications may vary for customers with fixed semi-weekly bookings. Alternatively, you can avail expert advice on the reasonable timeframe required to fulfill any special requests by contacting our customer care representative who is always happy to assist. So, if you are a busy person who loves family and house, let the best cleaning company in Dubai do house cleaning for you, disinfect and properly clean your home with our professional team.

Why we are the best

Our cleaners have been trained most expertly and they are quite good at doing what they do, in fact, we are rated as the best cleaning company in Dubai. Therefore, you can expect a spotless and shining room whenever one of ours has finished their jobs. This is our professional guarantee.

Absolutely Satisfied Customers

Our customers have had the best experience with us, and we are receiving the best response from all of them expressing gratitude. We have built our establishment by keeping our promises all the time and performing our tasks to perfection. Moreover, we have a lot of regular customers and they consider our company as the best cleaning company in Dubai.

Convenient and Accessible Payment

The seamless payment system that we put in place makes it easy for you to complete the transaction by any means. The relative ease with which these seemingly cumbersome are managed will leave you with more time to think about choosing the best plan.

Affordable Rates & Discounts

We provide the best price for everyone for all our expert services and also give the best discounts for anyone availing our special offers cleaning services Dubai . These enticing offers will make you want to select all of them at the same time, because these are offers that you can’t refuse.

Deep cleaning services

We have been the best deep cleaning company in Dubai for over a decade, and we have the experience to remove deep stains and germs from your home and office using our unique deep cleaning method. We guarantee that after you opt out of our service, your office and home will be the cleanest and safest places on the planet.

Party helpers

Hosting an event in Dubai can sometimes be tiresome and hectic, but if you opt for our party helper services in Dubai, things will become much smoother for you. Our party helpers in Dubai are well trained to handle all types of situations, from greeting the guests to arranging the chairs and tables, packing gifts, and giving a helping hand in serving food and cleaning the premises before and after the event. We offer a complete full stack service for you, so what are you waiting for? Book with us now.

Child care service

When you are in Dubai for any important meeting or family function, and if you are stuck in a tight situation where you can't take your children out with you, don't worry, just pick up the phone and call Urban Housekeeping, the best child care service in Dubai. We are the best, safest, and most reliable people for this, and you leave your child with us. Rest assured that your child's safety will be our responsibility till you come back.

We take care of children from six months and up.

Maid training center Dubai

Our maid training center in Dubai was started with the core principles of providing the best and most up-to-date training to all the staff in the cleaning industry in Dubai. We train cleaning staff and people who are interested in this career in such a way that they become the most sought-after cleaning professionals in this industry.

The syllabus is designed in such a way that the maid can understand all the latest cleaning trends and techniques in the industry and be able to complete the cleaning task in the limited time slot.

So, if you want to start a rewarding career in Dubai, contact us right away.

Our CSR Programs

We are firm believers that charity starts at home! Over 95% of our employees are blue collar workers from humble communities of less developed countries. Braving poverty and poor education, often through generations and across frontiers, is a way of life for millions around the globe. Their struggles and triumphs are our inspirations. We value honesty, and audacious tenacity to thrive as we are. We would not be here without the communities who serve us and those whom we serve. This is why we actively engage in actions that encourage remarkable individuals to realise their aspirations and others that further social good...

Client Testimonials

     I just wanted to say that your staff have done an excellent job of cleaning the areas mentioned in my previous email. They are now shiny and clean! I'd also like to commend you on the efficiency and politeness of your staff. All three ladies you have sent to my home have been delightful. I will definitely use your company in future and will be recommending you to my friends. urban housekeeping

Kathryn Jones, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai