5-Minute Cleaning Tips for New Year

You have finally figured the out the things you want and made yourself a list so that you can purchase them. After you’ve purchased them you go about preparing the ingredients and cooking them, and in the middle of a respite, you come to the realization that you haven’t yet cleaned the house! With the dishes still not finished, you wonder whether you will ever get time to do the house before the guests arrive. Do not worry because with these 5-minute cleaning tips you can continue cooking while creating a sufficiently clean looking house with minutes to spare.

  1. Make space in the kitchen

You just need to make sure that the sink and the dishwasher are empty before they arrive so that you can immediately clean the dirty dishes. Also remember to get all the dishes and the silverware ready at a proper place to be serving the food. This will make it easy to serve again without having to panic by cleaning the dishes again. Since the dishwashers and sink are clean, you won’t have to deal with over stacking, as you will only deal with the final effort. Also, remember to designate an area of the fridge where you can keep prepared food and reuse the same area for leftovers.

  1. Wiping the Countertops

It is not a secret that if you have a clean counter, then the general impression of the house will be much cleaner. This is why if you have any random items sitting atop your kitchen, living room or bathroom countertops, you should go about and hide them in the closet or in a bag. Then after having done that, then you would need to place your dishes on the counter precisely according to the style you have chosen and without over cluttering so that there is enough space left around for more if they are needed.

  1. Hurry in taking out the trash

The trash can and recycle bin that is in your home should be emptied and the trash is taken out especially if it is in your kitchen. When you have a clean trash, you can be prepared for the night when there are discarded food items and debris from the New Year’s Eve celebrations. A clean and empty recycle bin is a sign of a clean home and also helps the odors from getting in the way of the good food.

  1. Cleaning the bathrooms

Indeed, the sign of a well-prepared house will be that the bathrooms that are designated for the guests will be cleaned to make them feel comfortable while doing their business. The mirrors, the walls, and the counters should be wiped clean, and then you would also need to get the supplied stocked such as toilet paper as well as a bathroom freshener to make the scent much better overall.

  1. Sweeping or Vacuuming Floors

This is the final thing that you must complete before the guests arrive for the New Year’s Eve.  There is nothing that says clean than a clean tile or carpet with impeccable lining and flat texture. To sweep the tiles and clean the spots of any spills or stains is quite an easy job although a focused one. You can vacuum the carpet to give the smooth finish and remove debris. Once you have done these, you can begin to collect items that are lying around on the floor and place them in a plastic and throw them inside the closet or wardrobe. It would be good if you were to label them as you do not want them to be thrown away as garbage.

Moreover, these 5 minutes tips can be done in a short span of time, if you also had somebody else around who can do these things and help you, then the job would become much easier, and you will have certainly have time to spare so that you can prepare the house  for the guests to arrive.