Areas of our home that we neglect to clean but the maids don’t

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It can be difficult to clean your house. Who, after all, enjoys doing housework? Despite your obsession with cleaning, your home’s hidden spaces can frequently accumulate dust and debris. We forget to clean these areas, such as the coffee machine, baseboards, garbage cans, and TV remote. This is where a professional maid service agency in Dubai comes in. 

We are here to assist you in locating and cleaning every inch of your house, including the frequently overlooked areas.

Check out the areas where people forget to clean

  1. Skirting boards

We frequently neglect the filth on the lower side and only clean the upper portion. The dust that enters your home is stored on the skirting boards. We frequently clean the top portion, but we neglect to wipe the lower surfaces, which also collect dust.

Therefore, be sure to sweep them over with a duster or cotton towel the next time you are cleaning these boards. You can avoid having to deep clean them on all fours by routinely cleaning the bottom surface.


  1. Under the bed

We mostly clean the visible surfaces. We fail to remember that dust is not subject to the adage “out of sight, out of mind.” The accumulation of dust beneath the bed can cause respiratory health disorders and encourage the growth of dust mites.

It is important to regularly clean below your bed to prevent developing respiratory allergies while you’re asleep. Additionally, you will feel more at ease knowing that you are sleeping in clean and healthy surroundings.

Cleaning companies in Dubai have trained maids who identify and wipe off dust from every corner under your bed to make your surroundings healthy.

  1. Throw pillows

 A throw pillow may develop the odour of human sweat and filth after prolonged use. While cleaning our homes, we could occasionally neglect to wash it. A throw pillow is one of the most essential items in our house because we and our guests use it so frequently. As a result, it needs to be washed in the washing machine with an eco-friendly detergent to leave a good impression on our visitors.

  1. Door handles

 Door handles are one of the most sensitive areas of your house, where viruses and germs get accumulated due to their constant use.

The situation is the same wherever the main door or the door to any room is, and depending on the usage, this can sometimes spread communicable diseases.

To avoid passing viruses from one person to another, you should periodically clean your door handles. A maid service in Dubai will clean every part of your home. They will also help you organise your fridge, cupboards, etc.

5. Heaters

You might be surprised by the volume of dust and debris that has accumulated behind your radiator. Their asymmetrical construction makes them a haven for dirt.

It is worthwhile to make the effort to clean your equipment completely and frequently, even though it might not be easy to do so. After thorough cleaning, lift the loose layers with a feather duster to get rid of any lingering dust.

6.Under rugs

The underside of your rug needs to be kept just as clean as the top. Most of us sweep any unpleasant items that are on the floor behind the rug when we hear visitors outside the house. Well, those little specks of dirt add up if your rug isn’t cleaned frequently, and you might be surprised by how much dirt is present.

Its drawback is that it doesn’t require weekly cleaning; at least once a month will do. 

7 TV remotes

Snacking frequently occurs while watching TV, and it is ok to do that. But it is necessary to disinfect the remote frequently as it is passed to different persons who are enjoying snacks with you, and it may spread viruses, but don’t worry.

A cleaning service company in Dubai will disinfect your home after cleaning it. We all go through pandemic eras, and we know how difficult the situation is. Prevention is better than cure, so keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

It is said that clean surroundings promote a healthy lifestyle, so we urge you to keep every corner of your home neat and clean.