Want to know the Carpet Cleaning Secret ?

Carpet cleaning is the process of removing dirt and stains from the carpet by various methods like vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, etc. Carpet cleaning is an important process because the dust particles in the carpet will result in various allergy problems for the members living in the house. If you are searching for the best cleaning service in Dubai then you can call Urban Housekeeping. We provide various services like Housemaid cleaning service, Office cleaning maid service, upholstery/ sofa cleaning service, and Deep steam cleaning service.

Here are some secrets that will help you in cleaning the carpet.

Don’t Rub The Stain:

While handling a stained carpet, don’t start immediately scrubbing it as it can spread the stain on the carpet. Instead, just gently dab the stain with a sponge or paper to soak it. This will prevent the stain from spreading.

Shaving Cream:

The best rug/carpet cleaner for general stains is shaving cream. It will eliminate pretty much every kind of stain. Apply the shaving cream to the stain and wait for around 30 minutes. When the shaving cream has been set, blotch it up with a dry white material. Finish it by spraying a mixture of white vinegar and water and wipe away the solution with a cloth.

Remove chewing gum with ice:

It becomes very irritating when chewing gum sticks into the carpet. The solution is to take a few ice cubes and press them onto the chewing gum for about 1 minute. Once the chewing gum is frozen, use a spoon to lift it. Cut the carpet as close as the gum with a scissor so that the cut remains undetectable.

Deep Cleaning:

The most effective way to make the carpet look new and clean is through deep cleaning, that is cleaning with a steam cleaner. Deep cleaning has a solution which is injected deep into the carpet which removes the soils, debris, oil, dust, etc. which makes your carpet look cleaner than before.

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Use Knife:

When a candy gets stuck into the carpet first try to cut out the candy with a knife. Dip the sponge in the water and soak the area. It’s very important to remove the sugar particles otherwise it will attract the dirt and debris. 

Heat the Wax:

Burning candles in the house can bring about wax dripping onto the rug, where it rapidly solidifies and becomes installed in the strands. Warming the wax back to a semi-fluid state will eliminate it. Place a cloth and warm the iron with no steam setting. Then, set the iron on top of the wax until it softens. Scratch off the wax with a brush or knife.

Remove pet hair with Squeegee:

It’s very difficult to remove the pet hair even with a vacuum cleaner. The best way to remove the hair is with the help of a squeegee. Water the squeegee and use it as if you are cleaning the window. A squeegee removes the dirt, frost, and pet hair from a short hair carpet.

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