Easy Cleaning That Will Save Time

There are so many things that you have to do, but you do not get the time to do it, therefore you have to compromise on important things that actually matter like family and kids. Taking care of a house will require you to clean the kitchen, the floors, go for shopping and more things that will leave you exhausted. But worry not, because we will show you a very easy guide to making your cleaning easier and saves time so that you can have time for your families.

Washing Dishes can be much easier

We all know that washing dishes can only be a difficult task if you allow the food to harden.  Considering this, we have prepared the best tip that you can have to reduce the workload of dishes and save time as well as make the cleaning much easier. Plug the drain of the sink and let water let hot water be filled 3/4th of the entire sink and make a soapy solution. Once the cooking begins and the items start to get dirty, you just dip these items in the sink and have them sit in it. Similarly, once you’ve had this food out of the dishes, then you proceed to have them soaked in them, well before any food can harden on them. When you have soaked these dishes for quite some time, just pull them out of the solution and give them a wipe with a sponge, and then proceed to have them rinsed. Although, a precaution must be said about knives and other times from being soaked as these items can begin to get blunt.

Clean the Fan Blades Almost Instantly

Cleaning the fan is often a very messy job because it will require you to cover your mouths and neck and undertake climbing a ladder with a rag cloth to wipe off the dust that covers both the sides of each blade. This process often results in dust and other debris settling down onto the floor and the resulting clean-up is perhaps even harder. The alternative time-saving and less messy solution is to have some messy pillow cases enclose each individual fan blade, and then proceed to slide the pillowcases off one by one in a single motion so as to trap all the dust and debris inside it and to have the blades be cleaned instantly. This will completely eliminate all the fallen debris.

Mopping the Floor

When you go for mopping the entire floor it is usually done with a mop and a bucket. This bucket is dragged around wherever you go for mopping. This technique of mopping the floor is often a very laborious job and this is quite unnecessary as well and a lot of time is wasted. Instead of doing this job, you can take a plastic bottle and fill it with water and the floor cleaning solution. Afterward, you can have the bottle poked with a hole that spills out to cover the entire floor.  Once the floor has been covered then you can proceed to mop up the liquid. It is advised that you choose to do this without putting on a slipper so that the floor will not get dirtied.

Removing Gas Stove Stains

The Gas Stove Stains are often the most ignored and un-cleaned of all the stains that trouble a kitchen. This is because this is where all the food is spilled when they are taken out and then they are not usually cleaned because of the stove being hot, thus leading to food hardening and becoming stains. The stains are then cleaned with the help of a hot soapy solution that you can create quite easily and ten sprinkle some baking soda over the stains that are stuck on the stove, and then soak some towels in that solution. You must place these towels over these stains and have them lay there for up to 3-4 minutes. Once these moments are over, drag the towels to one side wiping away all the stains.

Dusting away all the Unwanted Materials

A dusting session would consist of using a dust rag to dust off all the collected dust and debris that re stuck on the furniture. But once you have tried the impressive of cleaning effective with a pair of old cotton socks, you will never go back to the same method again.  It is better if you were to have at least three pairs of socks with you so that it is possible for you to replace them once the pair that you have been using so far have been made dirty.