How to hire maid companies in Dubai

To hire a maid in the UAE is not something that is unheard of, quite the opposite, it is done quite often, but often it is done without much thought put into or on the basis of the rate. This is not something that should be done by impulse; it should be something that you should with careful thought and consideration.

maid companies in dubai

In Dubai, maids are congregated from South Asia and the Philippines, predominantly, and they are here to provide for their families. The process of hiring maids is something that is filled with a lot of paperwork and is quite a risky process, and you have to make sure the maid companies in Dubai are actually authentic and having the qualities that you seek.


Maid companies in Dubai are quite a lot in Dubai, and you should look out for the ones which are operating under false pretences. You can ensure the authenticity of the company by checking with the Department of Economic Development and also check whether they possess an ISO Certification.  If they possess a website then you can check the amount of staff that they are having, their years of operation, and if they are properly organised with a fleet of vans. These things can help you make sure about the authenticity of the site.

You can also look at the testimonials on their sites, and on other forums, to gauge the value of their cleaning.

The Services

All maid agencies are different, and different maid agencies will be giving out different services. Almost all of them will be giving out services such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, laundry and ironing. Quite a few of these maid companies in Dubai will be having nannies. Many will offer you, full-time maids, while some offer part, and some of them will offer you both. These maid companies in Dubai will be able to give out maids on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They will offer special services such as after parties and deep cleaning.

Their Rates

Most of the entire maid companies in Dubai are charging for their services per the hour. When you want to clean your house or office you will have to book per hour, and depending on each maid company, there will be a minimum requirement of 2 or 3. Starting rates are usually 40 AED/Hour, and when you want them to bring their equipment, then you will be expected to pay extra for their services. Some of the maid companies in Dubai will be offering you discounts and offers for their services if you were to book their services for the long term or requesting a special service such as deep cleaning.

Background Checks

When you want to ensure that the person that you are letting in inside of your home is someone who is trustworthy and not liable to cause any damages, loss of property or harm to your children. Therefore, you need to make sure that the people who you let into your home are properly screened and vetted for not only their skills but their background extensively.

The Terms and Guarantees

There are certain things that you must notice from maid companies in Dubai, and this involves whether or not they are able to provide substitutes for the maids who’ve fallen sick or could not make it for a scheduled cleaning. Furthermore, you need to check whether the company is willing to give you the same cleaner for the return cleaning and if they are having a proper feedback mechanism in place.