Housekeeping Tips For Seniors And Loved Ones

Maintaining a clean and safe home is the most difficult part of getting older. If you have parents, elderly friends, or family members who live independently and you may notice that they are not as active as they used to be. If you’ve been spending time cleaning for them or a loved one in your life, and are looking for ways to help them. Here is some advice that will help you to be more efficient. Also, at the same time reduce some of the unique risks that seniors face.

House Cleaning for Seniors 

First of all, have an honest discussion about which household chores they feel confident doing on their own and which chores they are unable to do. Most seniors are able to perform their day-to-day tasks by themselves. However, they should only take the ones that they feel physically and mentally capable of. Sweeping is easier than vacuuming since it requires less energy and effort.A heavy vacuum may be too difficult for some older adults, so understanding the limitations is as important when deciding what can and can’t be done. Millions of aged people are treated for injuries from falls every year. That risk of injuries can be reduced by handing over cleaning tasks that are too difficult Therefore, consider getting house cleaning services in Dubai to make their life easier.

How to Help Seniors Clean

Helping your loved one tackle household cleaning tasks can be challenging. They may find it uncomfortable to ask for help to do things they’ve done without a second thought in their entire life. Helping an elderly person clean can be a time-consuming chore, to manage your time prioritize your tasks around the following tips:

Safety First 

Determine tasks that are beyond the physical capabilities of a senior citizen. Based on what you know about their health condition, you may wish to tackle tasks for them that require heavy lifting, bending, or twisting.  

Some examples include: 

  • Taking out the trash 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Taking heavier items up or downstairs 
  • Moving furniture to clean 
  • Scrubbing floors 
  • Cleaning the bathtub 
  • Cleaning the toilet 

Eliminate Dangerous Clutter 

Some seniors can assemble a lot of treasured items during their lives, but those items can also pile up, creating a problem for their regular life. Eliminating clutters as much as possible is the best way to reduce the risk of falls. Encouraging seniors to donate items that they no longer need is the only way to cut down on the volume of clutters in the home. Take help from house cleaning services in Dubai to reduce the amount of clutter that can make cleaning chores a little easier too!

Everything in Its Place 

Be with your loved ones to organize a convenient location to place everything they may need in daily life. This will reduce clutter and help them feel safer living in such an organized home. These items may include mobile phones and chargers, sweaters, footwears, medicine, and even car keys. We all forget things from time to time regardless of age. Therefore, keeping things they need and use every day in a common area can give them peace. 

Do More Than Just Clean 

When you are meeting an elderly loved one or friend can certainly be more than just a housekeeping session. During the visit take quick breaks and try to connect. Moreover, this would only take a little time out of your day. But the conversation between you two might be the best part of your senior week. As a result, you’ll both feel a lot better about the support and the quality time you’re spending together. 

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Call in the Professionals

Aging is a natural and unavoidable process, but it doesn’t mean giving up the way you lived the life. With help from our cleaning services Dubai, seniors can age in their homes longer and with less fear and more security. If you’re having an elderly family member, you may find difficult keeping up with it all by yourself. Whether you need help for housekeeping, their home, or both the professionals at Urbanhousekeeping are ready to help you. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, or regular cleaning services that can help you get it all done at reasonable price. To learn more, give us a call today at  +971 04 421 2333 or request an estimate online.