How to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes

If you wake up in the morning to a messy kitchen it is quite natural for you to be stressed. The kitchen is the area of the house that you would give a lot of work to make it look clean and perfect and you would want to have it looking perfect and not in the messy condition that you would usually find it in. But don’t fret; you can get it done with these cleaning tips that will help you get the kitchen ready in just a matter of minutes – 10 minutes to be exact.

kitchen cleaning

  1. Clear all the food away


When you have food scrapes sticking on the dishes which have been piled up on a heap, you take these food scraps on the surface and dump them onto the garbage bin or inside of the compost bin. The dishes themselves should be just loaded into the dishwasher. If you are having things that need to be washed with hands, such as knives and cutting boards, this is the time to do it.

  1. The Counters Should be Purged


You might have taken a lot of things and laid it on top of the countertops when you were doing your cooking, but this is the time that you purge all of the scraps and leftovers that lay on the counter. You would want to completely declutter the counter-tops. It would also look nice if you were to put everything on the countertops either perpendicular or parallel to the edges, giving the objects a nice symmetry.

  1. Quick Cleaning

quick cleaning

Now, this is where you observe the thing that looks the most glaringly out of place in the kitchen and gross. You should not do a complete cleaning but do away with all the obvious things that make your kitchen look messy and unclean. What I am talking about here are those prints from stainless steel and glass objects, stains, splatters, and marks. You can take one cup of white vinegar and one of water to make all the nasty things go away.

  1. The Sink Makes the Kitchen

kitchen sink

The sink is like the bed inside the bedroom, if you were to catch the sink looking dirty, then the whole kitchen is dirty. It is a reflection of the whole kitchen. IT is best if you leave the sink cleaning until the end of the cleaning process, because you will be using it during the process, and then you can start cleaning it.

  1. Garbage


Once all of the aforementioned is done, it is time for you to check upon the amount of garbage there is inside of the bin, and then you will need to clean or empty the entire thing out. Often, there is nothing worse than having a stinky garbage can inside of the kitchen.

With a little bit of conviction, all of the tasks can be done within the span of ten minutes, ready in time for you to cook your next meal!