How to make your office space safer and comfortable

When working in an office, your productivity is greatly affected by how you feel on the inside. If you don’t have a positive and enthusiastic mindset, you can find yourself struggling with fatigue and stress even before starting work on your computer.

Although it can be difficult to make your workspace feel safe and comfortable, there are many ways that you can achieve this. Here are five tips which may help

Keep it clean

 A cluttered workspace can slow down your productivity. Not only do you have to search for what you need more time than usual, but the mess also creates an unpleasant environment that could lead to allergies or even catching a disease.

A disorderly workplace can lead to feelings of despondency and lack of motivation. Not to mention all the potential safety hazards that can arise from a cluttered setting!

Regular office cleaning by office cleaning service dubai can help ensure that your workplace is clean and in order to keep it this way, visit them at least once every month. This includes the areas around work stations as well as production floors, restrooms and even the washrooms.

Get a good chair

 Standing up and stretching once in a while is beneficial for your health. By doing this, you will work out the kinks in your muscles and improve blood flow.

Meanwhile, when you’re seated in an ergonomic chair, this can help minimize backaches and other concerns like leg stiffness.

You have to find a chair with adjustable back angle, back tilt and height of the chair . Arm rest is not much necessary but you can according to your comfort and need. 

Other accessories such as laptop riser , footstools can also be added by your choice . 

The maid agency Dubai  can give you suggestions regarding your accessories in your office . It will definitely helps you because they are professionals and they know how to arrange a workplace perfectly 

Leave it up by greens 

Spending too much time in front of the screen can damage your eyes. To avoid this, always look away from the computer  and focus on  a calming color like green – placing a plant on your desk can help. 

 Besides giving your eyes a break, a plant can also do wonders to liven up your table. In addition, the plant can also help freshen  the air. Some of the best easy care ones are devil’s ivy, pothos and peace lilies. A wide variety of bromeliads and succulents are also great additions to your workspace.

Get the lights right

When it comes to eyestrain, one of the biggest factors that can contribute to this is the lighting in your work area. Make sure you have enough light so you don’t have to look up to see what you’re writing or typing. However, keep in mind that very bright lights are just as bad as very dim lights. Try switching to a warmer colored bulb to see if that helps. 

 If you work from home, it’s easy to turn off the lights in your office. However, if you work in an office, things may not be so simple. Try using a desk lamp to get the right shade for the best experience.


Last but  not least, customizing your workspace is one of the best ways to make it  more comfortable. There are many ways to do this, including the table plants mentioned above. You can also display family photos, quirky desk calendars, or even  posters from your favorite movies, TV shows, or cartoons. 

 If you prefer something a little more outgoing, try playing some relaxing music. A small tabletop fountain can also help you relax. Light colors like white, beige, mint green, eggshell blue or even taupe can also add  a “fresh” feel. 

 Of course, customization doesn’t mean you automatically get office accessories. If you want things to be better and cleaner, do it! The key is to make your space  and help your productivity. Don’t feel obligated to decorate if it means  you want as little mess as possible. 

 Doing your job can be fulfilling, but it can  be stressful at times. Follow these tips to create an office space  tailored to your unique needs to reduce stress and increase productivity.