How To Organise Kids Room On A Budget


Experts from Urban house cleaning services Dubai about decluttering and organising little ones’ rooms. 

The kid’s room plays a vital role in building your little one’s imagination. Having an own room is important to let kids have their own space where they can study alone and indulge in their hobbies. Own space allows you to teach your kids how to handle their duties responsibly and with confidence at a young age. Even so, kids’ rooms can get messy as they have tons of toys and books, especially when there isn’t a fitting way to arrange them. 

Here are a few tips from Home Cleaning Service Dubai  on tidying up and organising your little one’s room on a budget.

Sort things

Did you know that creating an order keeps things in control? Having years of experience in providing professional maids in Dubai, we think sorting at the beginning of clean up makes the job pretty easier. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend starting off by sorting things into groups and subgroups. For example, if you are grouping books, make subgroups for what they use frequently and what they don’t. Once you separate their belongings, it would be easier to organise them. Children naturally like grouping things so let them be involved in the process. 

Put away the unwanted

Kids grow up fast as a flash and so do their clothing and footwear sizes. Keenly check their room to find any unwanted stuff. Maid agency Dubai recommends either repurposing, upcycling or donating them. Dispose of damaged toys and put away everything that does not belong to the kid’s room. This way, you can eliminate a lot of clutter from your child’s territory.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

The best way to stay well organised is to keep things in their assigned places. Designate storage spaces to keep their belongings – toys, clothing, accessories, books and gadgets. Here are some storage ideas that House Cleaning Services Dubai suggests on how to store kids’ stuff easily.

  • Organiser bins work best when it comes to storing their toys. 
  • Labelling the bins helps kiddies to identify where the toys have been stored. 
  • Store the toys at a reachable height so that they won’t take up floor space. 
  • Hanging up clothes also free up a lot of space. 
  • Get a low height book organiser to store the books. You can also use a display shelf to exhibit the books. 
  • Keep a basket near the power source so that they can store their electronic gadgets together without messing up.
  • Need some extra storage space? Try under bed storage. By keeping storage boxes under the bed, you can store large toys and accessories.

If your kids are sharing a room, invest in bunk beds

Save space in your children’s room by switching to bunk beds. Bunk beds allow kids to fit in a single room hence they can build their territory together. Sharing the same room improves the bend between siblings. Most bunk beds come with storage drawers so that children can keep their precious belongings like tiny toys and bedtime storybooks inside them.

Stick to compact furniture

Maximize space availability and minimize clutter by keeping compact furniture in the kid’s room. Multipurpose furniture works best in kid’s rooms. They are super space savers and help to eliminate clutter. Multipurpose furniture saves money as you do not have to invest in multiple pieces of furniture for the kid’s room.