Quick summer cleaning tips for your home

Home cleaning is the one thing everyone wishes to avoid during summer. As the temperature goes up and the school closes for vacation, maintaining a clean house is challenging. Our tips will help you keep your home clean throughout summer, prevent heat, humidity, dirt, grime, and many more.

Use a mat at the door

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The more frequently you travel during the summer season, you are more likely to bring dirt with you. Place a welcome mat in the entryways where families can wipe their feet or even consider a small area rug over carpeted floors near the door. As a result, this will make vacuuming easier during summer.

Ceiling Fans

The summer season may make your ceiling fans dirty. The days are longer during summer. The more fans run, it probably attracts more dirt. Perform some extra cleaning during summer to get rid of dirt and dust inside the house. Dusty ceiling fans can spread dust and cause allergies or illness to families. Clean your ceiling fan properly this summer to remove dust and dirt on the leaves. However, cleaning a ceiling fan is much easier than you think. Cotton cloth and all-purpose cleaner are the only supplies you need to do the job. Over time ceiling fans get very dusty. Fan blades often get greased. Use an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Also, make sure you wash the cloth after cleaning each fan blade.

Vacuuming all the surfaces

Summer is the season families plan to get together and become socially active. With more family and friends visiting, your furniture may attract a lot of dirt and debris. Despite that, start the cleaning process by vacuuming your furniture and carpets. However, since the weather is ideal for outdoor activities, you might want to consider hiring a home cleaning service in Dubai to do the vacuuming more effectively while you enjoy the summer.


The garage gets accumulated with household things that make your home less spacious. You might need your summer gear and smoker so place them in a different place during summer to access them easily. However, summer is the best time in the year to check up on your garage and see if they might need a freshen-up. Before you start organizing your garage, start decluttering to make the whole process a lot easier. Also, there might be many things in your garage that you don’t need anymore. Once you cleared the clutter, vacuum the entire floor to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris.

Outdoor living area

The summer season is when outdoor living areas become beneficial. Mid-summer family get-togethers happen more often. However, there are high chances that the ground will attract dust and dirt. Despite that, mop the entire floor and clean the furniture. Gently wipe the surface with warm water with a small amount of all-purpose cleaner. Urbanhousekeeping offers Home Cleaning Services in Dubai. You can book the service online.

The windows

Summer is the best time in the year to get your windows cleaned. In most homes, windows go through bad climatic conditions and heavy wind. Dirt from the roads will accumulate in your windows. It impacts the quality of air. Moreover, you don’t want to ruin the outside view you get from your windows. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help you increase their lifespan. Start the cleaning with a sponge and glass cleaner. Make sure you clean all those hard-to-reach areas and scrub thoroughly with a soapy sponge until clean and bright.

Bed and mattress 

While a summer bedroom may get filthier than you think, clean linen will offer you a better night’s sleep, as well as a clean space. Your body naturally sheds millions of dead skin cells when you are sleeping. Therefore, you should remove all bed covers from your mattress and do a dry clean. However, washing and drying the comforter can become a time-consuming process. So experts recommend hiring mattress cleaning service companies.

Kitchen sink

Do you know that your kitchen sink might desperately need cleaning? When the temperature goes up, so does the foul odor. Every day, your sink deals with plates, food particles, tea grinds, raw meat, and many more. Hence, your sink is probably long overdue for a deep clean.

Air duct

If you suffer from asthma or dust allergies, you might want to think about getting your air duct and cooling ducts cleaned to avoid getting sick. All the dust, dirt, and debris that get into your house will gradually find their way out through your air ducts. The probability of these particles getting accumulated in the air duct is high. Moreover, it turns into a good breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and other microbes that are polluting the air you breathe. It is harder for your AC system to work well if dust and dirt clog your AC filters. It increases energy bills too. Our professional Housekeeping services in Dubai clean your air ducts with perfection.

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