A Simple Way of DIY Sofa Cleaning Dubai Done

There are several ways you can have your sofa cleaning Dubai into a big success, one of the definite ways is of course to have it cleaned by hiring any of the several cleaning agencies in Dubai who have their maids come around to your house and do their expert cleaning, making your upholstery look as good as new. But of course, there are some DIY methods that you can do, if you are indeed on a tight budget and there isn’t necessarily an enormous amount to clean. Here are some of those methods.sofa cleaning dubai

Vacuuming your couch – Vacuuming your couch, the most used furniture inside of your home, will get rid of all those unwanted materials that gets stuck, after a long time spending time in front of the television, and will for sure make the couch ready for washing. Vacuuming is indeed a pre-cursor to washing. Getting all that dust and smut, wrapper and food debris, will enable you to do a good sofa cleaning Dubai job done, and vacuuming is essential for that.

Washing your couch – The next step for getting your DIY sofa cleaning Dubai job to become perfect; the vacuuming process would’ve purified the couch of any conspicuous materials that got collected and stuck on the surface and inside. Now it is time for washing, although washing it like you would do it others does not seem to work. Wash it with a mixture of hot water and drops of cleaning liquid.  Dip a sponge in it and squeeze out the excess mixture, and start rubbing it on the sofa, and making the upholstery retain its original texture and sheen.

sofa cleaning dubaiThe Stains – Of course, a powerful stain removal cream will indeed get rid of all that excess stain, but it will not in any way make it possible for you to sit on the same couch again. The stain removal cream would virtually destroy the texture and the shine of the couch. Instead, best DIY Sofa Cleaning Dubai way to get rid of those stains is to have a mixture of baking soda, salt and vinegar spread on those stains to remove those stains.

Finally when all the vacuuming, cleaning and stain removal is done, it is time for you to dry off the entire couch by having it out in the sun. Make sure to dry to have it dried totally to have the sofa cleaning Dubai completed in a simple DIY method.