Sofa Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Clean

When you have decided to clean your sofa, you might be thinking to do the cleaning fast will allow you to save time and get the sofa cleaning ready for those who want to lounge upon it. But that is not the case because every fabric and sofa are different and it will require further effort to get sofa cleaned properly and without any unnecessary consequences. This will mean that in order to get the cleaning done properly, you will need to know what the material or fabric your sofa is made and then do the sofa cleaning by yourself.

sofa cleaning

Usually for those who want to do the cleaning yourself, the company that has made the sofa will place stickers underneath your couch’s cushions. This of course, not a mandatory rule that all manufacturers have to follow, therefore, it not necessary that the sofa may even have them in your case. If it does have this sticker, there will be a series of codes that denote particular washing type, and they will be in the form of alphabets. Usually, there are four kinds of codes:

W – Wet or Water. This means that water can be applied

S – Solvents. Dry Cleaning to be used and no water.

S/W – Dry Foam. Still, should not go for dry cleaning

X – Vacuum Cleaning Only.

When there is no cleaning code available, then it is better that you go for professional sofas cleaning services and tell them how you would want cleaning to be done.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it is not entirely impossible to do clean it yourself, although you will have to be really prudent when applying the cleaning.

One of the ways that you can know the type of cleaning to be applied on a sofa is to feel the fabric yourself and see for yourself the texture of the sofa. If the texture of the fabric is soft and silky, then it is safe for you to dry clean them. If you find that the texture of the material that you are planning to clean is rugged or plush (like that of your car), then it is better to avoid dry cleaning altogether and go for steam cleaning instead. +

Dry Cleaning Warning

Sofa cleaning by dry cleaning should only be done with dry cleaning and with nothing else, especially not water. If you were to apply water on it, then there will be adverse reactions to the material. Dry clean fabrics are repellent to water and if water is applied to clean, there will be colour loss and bleeding, shrinkage and water stains. Water stains are really horrible and if you were to do the cleaning with moisture, then the adverse effects would be permanent and impossible to remove. It is good to remember that spotless doesn’t mean that there is no damage

Steam Cleaning

If you find that your fabric is good for steam cleaning, then you are in luck, as there are several portable steam cleaners out there that you can sue to do the steam cleaning yourself without having to call in the professionals to the job. The right steam cleaning power to use is 300 psi, although getting a small steam cleaner would only have you reach 100 psi. A lot of detergents should not be used, and things like foam or soap should not be used either.

It is good to clean using regular steam cleaning, and not try with too much detergent. There are several ways in which you can do away with stubborn stains, such as applying detergents over that particular surface. You can mix vinegar with water to go for an eco-friendly approach towards cleaning; all this being said, it is better that you go for a professional cleaning service as they would know what to do with the fabric.