Things You need know about natural cleaners

We all know there are so many natural elements that are useful for cleaning purposes . like lemon , vinegar etc.. There are some points you need to know before you use these things . Here are some points that you keep in remind about natural cleaners.

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Lemon is a natural cleaner, we know that . It helps to keep your home fresh and it gives a nice smell too.  Here we are going to mention some interesting facts about lemon . like what can – and shouldn’t ever mix with lemon while using around the house. There are many advantages to hiring professional cleaners . They are well known about these types of hacks and tricks which make cleaning fast and perfect

  • Lemon can neutralize the smell of vinegar 

Vinegar is a natural element which is very useful for cleaning but we hate its smell, right? Just try vinegar by mixing it with lemon . Lemon will help to control the smell of vinegar without affecting the cleaning property of vinegar.

  •  Lemon juice can clean glasses. 

Lemon has a super power to clean and shine your glass surface like they are newly bought. Mixture of lemon and vinegar is an easy easy diy glass cleaning spray that we can use at home . 1 cup of warm water , 1 tablespoon of lemon juice , 1 tbsp of vinegar make a magical spray which makes our glass window and glass surface shine .

  • Lemon juice is degreaser

Mixture of lemon and vinegar is a good degreaser .So next time when you face a sticky greasy stovetop you can use this mixture . Mix these two in a spray bottle just spritz and wipe off the dirt easily.

  • Lemon + coarse salt

If you think you are spending too much time cleaning your utensils by scrubbing stubborn sticky food particles . Then you have a solution: use lemon and coarse salt  for scrubbing plates and vessels . It cleans and shines your vessels without taking so much effort and time.

  • Lemon clean your microwave 

A little bit of water and lemon can make a clean and sparkle microwave. Put half cup of lemon juice in the microwave and put a whole lemon juice into water and keep it in the microwave and boil and let it sit for 5 min without opening the door of the microwave to allow the steam to loosen up the stuck food particles and make your microwave clean and shine. 

  • Lemon juice is a natural stain remover

Lime is a natural bleaching agent. So you can use it as a stain remover. Deodorant stain , sweat stains and easily remove using lemon also its a great option for removing rust stains . don’t use it on colorful fabrics , it can cause discoloration.

  • Can use for ant prevention

By using a used lemon peel you can keep the ants out . Put lemon peel in a pot and add vinegar to cover them. Heat the mixture , and let it sit overnight. Strain the mixture into a spray bottle . and spray the areas where you see ants.

  • Don’t use lemon on marble or brass plated surfaces.

If your floor is marble don’t use lemons to clean it or for refreshing because lemon can easily react with marble, it can make chemical reactions and it causes the fading of marble .

  • Never mix lemon and bleach 

Never mix ammonia with bleach likewise acids like lemon , vinegar can’t mix with bleach it causes formation of toxic gas like chlorine. Be careful to always keep these cleaning ingredients safely separate.

In a saucepan mix some natural ingredients and boil until it becomes quarter. 1 sliced lemon , 2 tbsp of rosemary , 1 tbsp of vanilla extract makes your home smell so  refreshing .

  • Baking soda makes your toilet clean and tidy

Dump a cup of baking soda into the toilet, let it remain for at least 1 hour , pour 1 cup of vinegar and flush your toilet will clean and sparkle .