Upholstery Cleaning Tips that will make it Easy for You

upholstery cleaning

The soft furnishing that you possess makes the room into the entity that it is, and with brand new upholstery to be intertwined with it, your furniture will be looking grand and inviting. But after you’ve cleaned your furniture you will need to invest in the upkeep. Without this, you’ll have your precious furnishings all looking worn out. Here are some upholstery cleaning tips that will help you maintain the furnishing that you love so dear.

One of the ways to ensure that your furnishing still retains its class is to undertake some preventive measures that will secure it.


Vacuums are one of the best ways to get the furnishing cleaned up of all the things that get accumulated during the course of a week. This is why you should do the upholstery cleaning daily. The attachments that come along with the vacuum were there for a purpose and adding the upholstery attachment to the vacuum makes it possible for you to clean the furnishing off of all the debris, dirt and oil. The attachment known as the crevice tool is also handing on cleaning areas where it is normally hard to reach with your hand.

Then the best technique to embrace is to take out the bags and cushions and beat them up so that the dust never gets settled into the fabric. You should also make sure that the cushion covers are reversed when being put back on like you would when cleaning the mattresses. This is to ensure that it is being even.

This is something that ought to bring some bad memories, but when you are able to contain yourself from on the furniture, then you prevent food particles and other debris from being settled on the furniture and thus avoid a lot of cleaning and eventual deterioration of the furnishing and save yourself on the upholstery cleaning.

How to clean stains

Of course, you can never predict what’s going to happen in upholstery cleaning, and when eventually a stain do appear on the furniture, then you should implement these methods.

The best method to implement when a stain has appeared on your upholstery is to have it removed as fast as possible. You can remove the stain by using a towel – paper or cloth- and to use the blotting technique instead of rubbing. Rubbing on the stain will actually make the stain harder, and it is not an effective technique for upholstery cleaning. The blotting technique means that you’ll slowly work from the edge to the centre to blot the stain dry.

If the blotting technique did not work then you should start trying the option of trying on cleaning liquids. Although in upholstery cleaning, not all cleaning liquids will work the same for every type of furniture and some of the cleaning liquids are not applicable at all for any type of furniture, thus rendering you to use the vacuum cleaning. You can check under the furniture what the label states. The labels will show the warning and instruct you about what sort of liquids can be used for cleaning the fabrics.

Deep Cleaning

You can proceed with the deep cleaning of your furniture at least once in a year. This will ensure that it is possible for you to ensure that there is total cleaning for all your upholstery.

It is important to make sure whether the cushion covers and other fabrics are indeed machine washable. You can find this out by checking out the label, and there is a good chance that they are not indeed machine washable. If this is the case then it is better to have them washed with cold water.

Some of the upholstery cleanings will involve you having to clean with the dry cleaning machine, therefore it is better to have it cleaned with a professionals help. When you choose one cushion cover which is part of a whole set, then you should try and clean the whole set so that once the cleaning is done, there is uniformity in the colour variation.