What does Cleaning Companies in Dubai Offer?

Cleaning Companies are of different types, and based on their classification they will have the appropriate amount of resources at their disposal that will help you. Therefore, when you consider cleaning companies to choose from, know exactly in what distinction the cleaning company that you want falls in. Cleaning companies Dubai fall into mainly these three categories: Cleaning business, Cleaning franchise and cleaning agency. Each of these three company types are made up of individual maids, but the resources they possess and the contract on which the maids are employed differ, among other things.

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When it comes to a cleaning business, the stakes are like this: It is a privately owned company that has more than 1maid that they will offer for services. These cleaning companies specialise in giving you great services. If for some reason, one of them is not able to make it on time, they will have alternates prepped ready to replace the ones who weren’t able to make it. These businesses are also meticulous, and the maids will provide their customers with a schedule and detailed procedures about work. Besides this, they will have a customer centre ready all the time to answer to your queries, making them quite a feasible cost for your cleaning services.

That being said, when there is a high turnout, then that would mean the chances of the same maid coming to repair your house again are not so great.  While the contractual clauses may not be in your best interests, resulting in you being imposed with terms that will seem like exploitative.

The cleaning franchise is the result of a mutually agreed upon assimilation. The assimilation occurs between individual businesses and that of a franchisee, who has in his/her control a wealth of resources, but most importantly a brand name and a successful business model. Under the guise of the franchisee, these individual companies will function and they will have access to many customers, but the franchisee will be the one really in control. Business franchises deliver exceptional equipment of the best quality as well as a disciplined maid service that will render you the best customer experience.

But for giving you this exceptional service, they will have attached to their services a nifty price tag. This is so because, they do not quote by the hour, but instead but on how well and exhaustively they’ve cleaned your space. Furthermore, there is the chance of you ending up with a contractual obligation that will have you calling upon the same services for 6 or 9 or 12 months.

Cleaning Agency: These companies are essentially middle-men who exist to recruit maids from several smaller operations or individually and include them in their collective. But unlike cleaning businesses, they do not retain full control over these maids, and their relationship is not strictly an employee-employer basis, but it operates from a different standpoint.

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The advantages of this are that it provides an alternative to the cleaning business format of cleaning companies. This exists within that plain in between individual maid employment and the cleaning businesses. Therefore, they bring about all the perks of a cleaning business – with the agency providing the maids with necessary equipment and the maids providing labour on a contractual basis. There are replacements to the maids if one was to leave suddenly, and it will be relatively friendly and efficient. Although when it comes to cleaning agencies, you are supposed to pay both to the administrators and the cleaners, both in advance. Moreover, the high turnover rate means those keys or others things will be given to people who might never come back to the agency ever again.

Now that you have read about the different offers and perks about employing different cleaning companies, you can decide for yourself which one that you want to choose: Cleaning Business, Cleaning Franchise or the Cleaning Agency.