What is the Difference between deep cleaning and standard cleaning

Before you hire a cleaning company you should be aware about the difference between deep cleaning and standard cleaning. A good cleaning company will always guide you through the perfect one according to your demand. And help you to understand the difference between both by briefing what services they provide for standard cleaning and deep cleaning . There is so much competition in the cleaning industry so be aware about the company you should choose . So before you call for a service just go through their website or brochure they have . Top cleaning company in dubai provides quality services and we are all here to help you with 100% commitment. We ensure complete satisfaction of our customers. 

We provide Residential cleaning,Deep cleaning , office cleaning, move in/ move out. 

 Through this blog you will become aware about the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning . 

Standard cleaning service

Once you call a cleaning company for a normal cleaning process . They just concentrate on simple cleaning tasks that you can do weekly. Standard cleaning services are cheaper compared to deep cleaning services .  Standard cleaning service maintains your home, office layout or business building clean based on a schedule . And you can schedule according to your need. For example, a school building might only need cleaning once every two weeks or months.

What included in standard cleaning services

Services may vary depending on the cleaning company but most commonly they provide basic cleaning tasks according to a schedule .  Standard cleaning doesn’t leave out the essential tasks. The main difference between these two services is that one does more detail and another does the extreme job .

Main services are

  • Wiping down the dust – includes lighting fixtures, windows,floor,stands 
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms, office space , classrooms 

Deep cleaning services

Deep cleaning concentrates on paying more attention to detail than standard cleaning. During a deep cleaning , workers complete a large checklist of tasks for a commercial building , office layouts or for a classroom . And help to keep the environment more clean and healthy . While doing deep clean workers are so much conscious about each and every corner of the building . And they will make sure they are wiped twice and more traffic areas are sanitized. Standard cleaning is cheaper than deep cleaning. Because they cover more areas and pay more attention to the cleaning task.

When should you deep clean?

It’s perfect when a new season starts. Recommend deep cleaning once a month. Frequency of deep cleaning depends upon the type of business you have . If you have a medical facility or a child care center or school building it needs more cleanliness and care so it’s perfect to do it once in a month . If you are moving into a new home it’s better to start life there after a deep cleaning service. Urban housekeeping provides move in/ move out cleaning services carried out by our well trained and authorized cleaning staff .If you hire a cleaning service provider for move in/move out cleaning they are responsible to provide a detailed scope of cleaning once they reach the location. Oftentimes we see spots and areas that need attention that are not evident to our clients so it is good practice to stay connected when it comes to this service.

You can decide which service you want . The best way to know which service you want is by making a list of cleaning task you need and you can enquire to the cleaning company which one is suitable for your needs.  

For more information about deep cleaning and standard cleaning you can feel free to contact us any time .