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Cleaning Home Services



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At we completely understand how personal the maids service is Whether youre looking for a one-time cleaning or a daily maid visit , can accommodate all your schedule with our well trained quality maids. We offer monthly, weekly, and even daily cleaning frequencies on a long or short term contract.

Our well trained, experienced professional maids will be available when you need them. Leave the cleaning to your maid and dont worry about anything when it comes to cleaning and maids service.

Dubai has a busy and fast paced lifestyle, so why waste your time with daily cleaning chores when our trusted and well trained maids can make your home sparkle and shine. We will leave your property thoroughly clean and shining, and most importantly leave you happy and worry free. Washing and Ironing, Our maids are well trained and experienced at washing and ironing to a 5 star hotel level.

Home Cleaning Services in a Few Clicks

We provide a wide range of domestic cleaning services to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our services are tailor made to suit the needs and requirements of each flat or villa. Our service includes cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, ironing, washing floors, vacuuming carpets, wiping of hardwood floors, cleaning mirrors, dusting and polishing furnishings, polishing cabinets, cleaning refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, cleaning surfaces, tidying, and other general cleaning required per the client including ironing and washing.

For over 8 years our sole aim: is to provide a better cleaning service for all people residing in Dubai. It does not matter if you live in Dubai Silicon Oasis or Meadows, your maid service is only a few clicks away. We are dedicated to providing you with the best home cleaning service in Dubai, so you can be free to enjoy your time doing whatever you like. Our part time maids are employed and insured by us. If you want to find a maid to give you the best cleaning services in Dubai, you need to look no further. Maid Corner Services LLC has an innovative hiring process directly from the country of origin and we are proud to say that we have one of the best cleaning teams in Dubai.