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Book Your Maids Now...!

Book Your Maids Now...!

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Urban Housekeeping has with us a host of services that you can avail of for your various cleaning requirements in Dubai. Our individual service will have their own special maids who’ve been trained for the special service, and we have with us those maids who are adept in all the services with deft skills and focus that will render effective cleaning Services in Dubai.

Great Service Great Gadgets

Urban Housekeeping Dubai is a cleaning service company unlike others in Dubai. Our skills are highly coveted by both residents and commercial enterprises. We have not only trained our maids to dispense the best cleaning possible but simultaneously have invested in getting premium cleaning gadgets that will make it possible for your home to be completely purged of all dust and contaminants.

Steam Cleaning is our Forte

Specializing in Steam Cleaning, we are able to profoundly clean a lot of objects thoroughly. Our steam cleaning is deeply coveted by disparate companies and residents all throughout Dubai, and for this, we are quite proud. Employing the highest standard of steam cleaning technology, including deep steam cleaning methods that eliminate all traces of dust, allergens, stains, we make the object as good as new.

Experts at Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

With our steam cleaning, we have particularly acquired deftness in skill over carpet and upholsteries. However, these two are one of the primary objectives of our cleaning agency Dubai. As a company, certain things will become quite a trademark service, and for us, perhaps it is these two services. We as an agency will train a lot of maids into becoming an all-around employee, but a company that lacks specialized skills will certainly lose a lot of the niche market, which is a lucrative market for any company or agency doing cleaning services.

Among the top cleaning service companies

Urban Housekeeping is among the top cleaning service companies that are able to deliver the perfect cleaning job. We possess adept and skilled maids with the latest gadgets and technology to do an impeccable cleaning job. You can book our maid services in Dubai and it is a flexible, scheduled service that is tailored to suit your needs and time. All in all, cleaning is a job that you should leave to the professionals, and Urban Housekeeping are those professionals.

Client Testimonials

I just wanted to say that your staff have done an excellent job of cleaning the areas mentioned in my previous email. They are now shiny and clean! I'd also like to commend you on the efficiency and politeness of your staff. All three ladies you have sent to my home have been delightful. I will definitely use your company in future and will be recommending you to my friends. urban housekeeping

Kathryn Jones, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai