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Babysitting / Childcare Services in Dubai:

Urban housekeeping Babysitters are a professional babysitter in Dubai who will ensure that your children are safe and sound when you are away. Our group of dedicated and caring maids will be able to provide your child with amicable care, catering to your child’s every need and leaving you having no worries at all. Our professional babysitting services have had enormous experience in dealing with children of all ages and characters. Having acquired training from experts, our personnel will help your child stay safe and disciplined in your absence, able to adapt their own uniqueness and individuality, and thus making them feel comfortable and in a good mood.

Babysitting/Nanny Services Dubai ,Baby Sitter in Dubai,Babysitting Dubai,Maid Agency Dubai,Cleaning Companies in Dubai
Babysitting/Nanny Services Dubai ,Baby Sitter in Dubai,Babysitting Dubai,Maid Agency Dubai,Cleaning Companies in Dubai

The ideal Babysitter :

Babysitters in Dubai are people who are able to create the perfect atmosphere for the child to thrive in away. A babysitter or a nanny in Dubai will help them forget that their dear parents are not there and instead let them be themselves around the presence of the babysitter. This is one of the key aspects of babysitting services. Babysitting services is an extension of our maid and maids services, and we do this with a lot of success.

Thoroughly Vetted:

Urbanhousekeeping only have those who have been thoroughly vetted as part of our babysitting services Dubai. These are personnel who are thoroughly trained in the art of babysitting Dubai infants. Their backgrounds have been checked thoroughly and they are flawless in their personalities to deal with infants, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. Our screening process is impeccable and you have nothing to fear when our babysitter comes to your home.

Multi -Talented:

We know that each age group will have their own unique set of needs, and this is why our expert nanny will help your children be active, let them participate, and encourage them to learn new experiences. If you have a schedule prepared in advance, then our nanny or baby sitter or maids will adhere to it perfectly. We will do all the other activities concerned: cleaning, washing, dusting because our babysitter services are more than what they seem.

Being a baby sitter Dubai is a tall job, but our babysitters are not just mere babysitter who does a babysitting job in Dubai. They can treble up as a nanny in Dubai and a maid as well. This is why our baby sitter is no mere baby sitter doing babysitting in Dubai. Their training and expertise can make them a perfect nanny in Dubai in addition to being expert maids at cleaning, which is a default service that they when they are working for Urbanhousekeeping.

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Best Baby Sitting in Dubai:

Therefore, you see that we are not just mere experts in babysitting; our babysitters are exceptional in all the complementary activities that come with the job description. Our babysitter is a nanny and a maid, doing nurturing your kids as well as cleaning their clothes and taking care of their other needs. No matter what the job, whether it’s cleaning or taking them out to the park, our babysitters are perfect your child.

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Group Events

Let us assist you in entertaining the children for families attending group and corporate events of all sizes. Our caregivers arrive at your event packed with age appropriate games, arts & crafts activities, and educational programs suited to meet the needs of all children attending the event. Please send us an enquiry to register your interest and receive more information for large groups and special events.

Apart from babysitting, we are also having personnel who can dispense a plethora of other services including: