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Maid Training & Development Institute Dubai :

The Urban Housekeeping Training Institute was originally established to cater for the training and development needs of our dynamic in-house housekeeping service team. Programs are designed to coach, refresh and motivate all personnel whilst promoting the smooth integration of professional edge and service excellence with applied skills. The basic professionalism, confidence, grace and style your household staff will learn and develop will amaze you and leave your guests in awe!

Our foray into offering housekeeping coaching classes for live-in maids of families across UAE is a natural progression in our endeavour to transform the domestic maid and cleaning services industry standard – it is not only a re-affirmation of our commitment to our promise but also a firm testimony that we are truly listening to our customers. For a one-time investment equivalent to more or less a month's salary you pay your domestic helper, you can now trust that your maid is not just fit for the job she is hired but that she is especially suited for your needs.

Consultation time with both the employer and maid is a prerequisite to any Urban Housekeeping Training Institute's coaching session. Questions are designed to be informative not intrusive and discussions are kept confidential. As much as possible, information gathered is then incorporated into our program to tailor the same according to your needs. We have found that in this regard applied learning experience is the most effective coaching format, and since the Fundamentals of Housekeeping course material is customised for your hired domestic helper with your priorities at heart there is no better platform than your own residence to convey the same. Our trusted coaches have impeccable track records coupled with sought-after hands-on experiences in the private service industry.

The course covers fundamental concepts of the subject matter including the Importance of Housekeeping; Personal Hygiene, Grooming and Etiquette; Environmental Hygiene and Sanitation; and, Cleaning Materials and Equipment. It is divided into three distinct four-hour modules allowing participants time for assimilation and practice at their own pace whilst offering employees the flexibility of payment;

For optimum outcome, we recommend a maximum break period of 1 week between modules followed by an overview session where we can assess your maid's responsiveness and refresh knowledge and skills relevant to weaknesses. Upon conclusion of all three modules, successful participants who serve with pride and professionalism become Ambassadors of Urban Housekeeping Training Institute, and are presented with a handbook and Certificate of Completion. You will received a copy of your staff's Performance Evaluation Report attached to your exclusive voucher for availing 20% discount on two Deep Cleaning and Sanitation Services booked within the next 12 months!

Words of Caution: success is not guaranteed. Success requires motivation, dedication, passion and commitment. It requires patience and consistent action. We can coach how to work but the same cannot be said for attitude and personality. The Urban Housekeeping Training Institute reserves the rights to refuse participants. Give yourself peace of mind by selecting staffs with the right attitude and trust us to do the rest.

When we are not educating the next line of efficient cleaners, we are dispensing cleaning to those who ask of us:

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