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Upholstery/Sofa Cleaning Services Dubai:

Everyone knows that all upholstery will eventually be host to an enormous amount of undesirables: dirt, dust, dust mites, bugs, and all other contaminants if it were left all its own and not even an effort was made to clean the sofa. Urban Housekeeping considers upholstery cleaning to be a part of our business seriously, and when we are called upon to do Sofa carpet cleaning service in Dubai, we uphold sound indoor hygiene that not only preserves the splendour and prolongs the lifespan of our customers’ favorite articles but more importantly minimizes triggers of common health ailments such as asthma, allergies, and fatigue that dishearten your loved ones. Therefore, upholstery cleaning is something that we regard not as a service, but a duty, that we have responsibility for.

Impeccable Knowledge:

Our certified technicians and maids in Dubai understand the lifecycle of impurities and their most common habitats, whether specific to private dwellings, commercial premises, and/or communal venues. We have impeccable know-how in executing the most appropriate cleaning treatment for the right material. Urban Housekeeping provides a comprehensive service consisting of a three-step Upholstery Care Solution usually commissioned only after an onsite consultation session has established the appropriate treatment necessary in realizing your desired outcome. Once this has been gauges, then we proceed towards the cleaning treatment of the sofa.

Advanced Treatment:

Treatment processes employ advanced medical-grade industrial technologies such as wet and overheated dry steam devices combined with quality, biodegradable non-toxic agents that have been proven safe for the entire family including children and pets. Our expert maids will dispense their service with prudence and deftness so that you can rest assured about safety.

Sofa as good as new:

Once our maids have finished up with our perfect cleaning methods, you will see that your upholstery is profoundly clean and bereft of any contaminants. It will be a sofa that everyone could enjoy sitting upon and not have to worry about leaving with dirt or any germs. Our cleaning is absolute and you will receive the best Sofa cleaning services Dubai.

Upholstery Cleaning Dubai,Sofa Cleaning Dubai,Maid Companies in Dubai,Upholstery Cleaning Dubai , Sofa Cleaning Services Dubai

Please Inquiry:

You are free to choose any one or combination of our Mattresses, Sofa, Carpet, and/or Curtains Cleaning & Sanitation Treatment per service. To schedule a free consultation and demonstration session please send us your inquiry. Booking our service will give you the best Sofa cleaning services Dubai.