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Professional Maid Training Center in Dubai

Urban Housekeeping focuses on achieving and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness within your environment. Our maid training Dubai prepares your staff to deliver the utmost care and attention required to your space. The training course will teach maids in-depth cleaning as well as quick cleaning within a scheduled time frame.

Learn from Experts

Once you complete the course from our maid training academy in Dubai, you become ready to take over a housekeeping job in Dubai. They can also work for the elderly or work in other housekeeping jobs. Learn from our cleaners working in real customer's homes. We are the go to maid training in Dubai for gaining hands-on experience or maid training academy that adds more value to your career. Moreover, only maid training service can teach you from doing an actual cleaning in a customer's home in Dubai.

Why choose us?

Urban housekeeping has a good history and facilities to train you for a good career. Through a course, hand on, and professional maids, we provide all the essential tools required to handle real-life situations with confidence.

We know your helper is an integral part of your business or household, and our course is designed to train them.

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Course I

Housekeeping Training:

  • General housekeeping
  • Safety and prevention
  • Bed & Bathroom-making techniques
  • Towel folding methods
  • Kitchen intervention
  • Laundry
  • Ironing

Course II

Nursery (Child Care centers) Training:

  • General housekeeping
  • Safety and prevention
  • Food handling
  • Food storing
  • Bathroom-making techniques ( including pottie cleaning)
  • Keeping all toys hygienic
  • Nursery ( Child Care centers)

Course III

Office keeping Training:

  • General Office keeping
  • Schedule
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen Intervention
  • Hallways and Balcony
  • Coffee Offering
  • Positive attitude

The courses are 8 hours long, it includes our expertise guidance monitoring & training. A certificate of completion is given to successful attendees.

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officecleaning iso certificate