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These are the Urban Housekeeper’s’ guide to cleaning tips.

5 Tips That Every Cleanliness Obsessed Person should be Aware Of!

  • Cleaning Up Those Sponges: The texture of the sponge before it is drenched in unclean water is very pleasant and fun to hold, but once it has been used for an enormous amount of time, the sensation is that of a sagging lump of disgust. Of course, this can all be solved by having them dry it out in the microwave, and Voila! They are as good as new.
  • While cleaning your bathroom tub, make sure that they are filled up to a couple of inches with hot water. This has proven to be a very good catalyst for alkaline cleansers. This will make sure there have been a greater amount of stains removed and a whiter sheen.
  • Salt to Clean Your Iron. This can be done by using the Iron to heat the salt, with the steaming option turned off. The Dust particles on the Iron will stick to the salt and after a few minutes of Ironing, the dust particles will be removed.
  • Use Baking Soda and Bleach to clean off the dirt of the grouts on the wall. This technique is inexpensive and effective. That sticky and ugly dirt will be washed off without much hassle, leaving your grout and the wall in a glimmering white sheen.
  • Clean those pesky scratches on wood, by using olive oil and vinegar. Take half a cup of each and pour it on a cleaning rag. See the miraculous transformation happen right in front of yourselves, as the scratch laden table turns into a polished and shining as brand new.