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Why Us

Having had tremendous experience in delivering the highest quality service, our expert team of handpicked housekeeping professionals will truly quench your insatiable thirst for a perfect house.

  • A tight and expertly built professional team of housekeepers constructed to deliver the best performances.
  • A performance appraisal system in place to reward achievements and amend performance discrepancies.
  • The Urban Housekeeping Training Institute runs yearly refresher course in which all personnel participate to ensure continuous improvement and consistency in service delivery.
  • Our team of coaches perform supervisory duties on the ground.
  • Our inventory of tools aids in the comprehensive housekeeping, where we detect every single stain and imperfection, and order them in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • We strive towards to change the very standards of practice in the cleaning and housekeeping industry with our revolutionary quality of service.